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Sharon P. Grünwald

Voice Actress

Home Studio, Non-Union, NY/NJ USA

fuss​[email protected]

Discord: Fussbudgetjr#2122

Twitter: @Fussbudgetjr Fussbudgetjr





2020 Audio Verse Awards Nominee - Supporting Role in a New Audio Play

2021 Audio Verse Awards Nominee - Lead Role in an Audio Play and Ensemble Role in New Audio Play




Entry Playlist can be viewed on YouTube

Recommendations from my project runners, directors and colleagues

I first was introduced to her on the audio drama "Erai's Destiny." She is professional, versatile, and takes direction flawlessly. I love the intensity of the acting in her scene! I am continuing to work with her in other projects and know I am in good company. -Diane H. Voices Vary

Sharon is a hard-working, dedicated actress who will get you the voice that you need for your project. She has auditioned for a few of my projects and I am eager to find the perfect role for her because this lady has talent! Don't shy away from giving her a role in your next production because I know she won't let you down! -Sole Twin Audios

I cast Sharon for the role of "Mother Nature" in the original project "Hurricane Ivan the Animation." First, she has an amazing voice which really brought the character to life. She provided excellent quality with her piece. She maintained excellent two-way communication with me (the director) which makes my job easier. She also meets the deadlines far ahead of time giving ample time for any corrections needed. However, after listening to her lines, she gave the character the necessary amount of nobility and motherly voice that was needed to bring her character to life. I would strongly recommend her to any project. -Gareth "GCS" Scott.

Where do I even start with Sharon? She is absolutely amazing when it comes to voice acting and is currently voicing Aunt May in my series of amazing spider-man voice dubbed comics. When I heard her play May for the first time, I was under the impression the character came to life and voiced herself, so fantastic was both Sharon's voice and the delivery of the lines. It was as if she almost dived inside the comic book's panels, thought every single thing about this character through and sent me some of the most fantastic results. Sharon's care and passion for the characters she voices make them feel so fleshed out and 3-dimensional. If Sharon is a voice in your project, I can almost guarantee you will be satisfied. - OppoRanscisis.

[Sharon] is hard-working, friendly, and reliable. Her range given to the characters she voices is amazing, as well as her professional demeanor and ability to deliver lines without issue. I would recommend her in any project for her experience, versatile nature, and professionalism. - LK, Revitalized director.

"[Sharon] is an absolute joy to work with! She's incredibly hard-working, always on time, and very dedicated to quality. It's always hard choosing which take to go for with her because all of them are just so great! She has amazing talent and skill, and is very professional." -- SpaceWiz217

"She has time and again helped me in my production. Any suggestions she has brought up, I usually made that change to the script. Her VA talent is second to none. She's great at portraying any character she's given." -- Skullface

"Outstanding and professional voice actress. She sends in her lines in a very timely manner. A pleasure to work with." -- Cdc947214

"[Sharon] is a very talented and professional voice actress. She gets her lines in on time and her recordings are perfectly spoken. She also adds helpful suggestions to projects every now and then to really add something extra. She is definitely someone you want in your cast." -- Spacewiz217

"Hard-working actress that will get the job done in a professional manner." -- DHVO

"She is a talented voice actress and as sincere a person I have ever seen. If you hire her for your project, you will be glad you did because she is a master of her job and sends in her voice recordings without a delay." -- Darth Valeria.

"I've worked with [Sharon] on several projects, and from what I've seen, she is reliable and delivers good work. I would highly recommend." -- Aubrey Poppleton

"Was very professional to work with. Definitely carried herself well and knows exactly how to read into a character. Working with her has brought my project completely to life. If you need someone who knows how to act with great emotion and who is responsible for their roles, I definitely recommend [Sharon]." -- DanMG

"[Sharon] has provided an awesome and very responsive role in my project. She always responded to requests and recorded many lines at short notice. She has played the role of my Narrator for my projects, and is a delight to work with." -- Dazzwizzle


"You have a voice that can make an honest living, simply from doing audio-books." - KylePindor, Casting Call Club.

"I own the Audible version but can't get into it because of the voice actor (no offense to him, simply my opinion and that happens). Sharon's voice (!!) is perfect!" - Paige C, via YouTube.

Of the five actresses who voice Jedi Master Adi Gallia (Star Wars), YouTube vlogger Lukimus Prime had this to say:

My Own Rating:

Nancy Giles - 👎🏻

Masaya Moyo - 👍🏻

Grey Griffin - 👍🏻

Angelique Perrin - 👍🏻👍🏻

Sharon Grünwald - 👍🏻👍🏻

Final Ranking:

1. Angelique Perrin

2. Sharon Grünwald

3. Masaya Moyo

4. Grey Griffin

5. Nancy Giles

"I love the narrator's voice, she acts the dialogue brilliantly. Really brings the book to life." - Daniel S, via YouTube.

"I appreciate [Sharon's] reading of "The Song of Ice & Fire" so much. It's the most splendid narration ever - an amazing voice. Thank you! Recently, Tokybook uploaded the first ten chapters of "A Dance with Dragons." I would pay money for the whole thing." [email protected], via Twitter.