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Sharon P. Grünwald

Voice Actress

Home Studio, Non-Union, NY/NJ USA

fuss​[email protected]

Discord: Fussbudgetjr#2122

Twitter: @Fussbudgetjr Fussbudgetjr

Links are provided for completed projects. All others are actively i​n production.

GnollHack (video game)  currently in Beta Testing

Role: Neferet the Green, Wizard's Quest

(DC) Justice League Rebirth Motion Comic

Role: Reporter

The Nightmare of Doctor Strange

Role(s): Mrs. Hera and Ancient One

Mind Circus

Role: The Ringmaster

Madison on the Air podcast

Madison's Mad Facts: Women in Law Enforcement - Role: self

Tales of the Texas Rangers - Role: Harriett

The Challenge of the Yukon - Role: Narrator

Madison's Mad Facts: Telephones - Role: self

The Green Hornet - Role: Casey

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - Role: Pepita

IMDb listing for this series

The Monkey's Paw

Role: Mrs. White

The Lottery

Role: Tessie

Short Order: A Suspense Radio Drama Recreation

Role: Announcer

Star Wars: Darth Vader, Issue #4

Role: Mareena

Star Wars: Revitalized

Roles: Chancellor Mon Mothma, Grand Admiral Rae Sloane

The serialized story begins as the second item of the playlist)

Erai's Destiny

Role: Queen Teina

Previously: The Scrolls of Nulyn audio drama, Episode One

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin

Role: April O'Neil

Erma: Rats in the Wall - Review

Role: Ms. Bierly

"Night Frost" book reading Part 1, Part 2

Role: Narrator

Avengers: Initiate (audio drama)

Roles: Peggy Carter and Scientist 1

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Revitalized

Roles: Chancellor Mothma, Captain Phasma

final trailer

Star Wars: Lando audio comic

Role: Ssaria

Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence audio drama

Roles: Chalie's Mom, Demon Black

The Rise of Kylo Ren #3 audio comic

Role: Avar Kriss (Holocron)

HAWKEYE: My Life as a Weapon

Role: Simone

Story Circle Theater - Narrator

Mutual Audio Network and

Star Wars: The Battle of Jabiim (comic dub)

Role: Padawan Kass

Star Wars: Poe Dameron, the Awakening (audio comic)

Role: Grist

Darth Vader 2020, Issue #8

Role: Sly Moore

Fallout: The Frontier gaming mod

Roles: Winter Scorpion, Crusader Rheka Divaker, Arissa, Candy Caufield, 2 extras

IMDb listing for this project

Star Wars: The Imperial Rule

Role: Sly Moore

Hawkeye: First Shot

Role: The Ringmaster

Star Wars Republic (1998) Emissaries to Malistare (comic dub)

Role(s): Adi Gallia, Yaddle

Dalek Comic Dubs

Role: female Daleks

Star Wars Adventures: So Much More

Role: Toddler Leia

Batman: The Adventures Continue

Roles: Mercy Graves, Summer Gleeson

Black Widow: Insurgency audio drama

Roles: Handmaiden1, Female Recruit, and Mrs. Secretary

Star Wars: Dark Disciple audio drama

Role(s): Nya's Mother, Asajjj Ventress

[Splatoon GMod] The Tormented Part 4 - The Imprisoned

Role: The Doctor

Anastasia: Quartet at the Ballet

Role: Dowager Empress Marie (alto)

Star Wars: Tilotny Throws a Shape

Role: Tilotny

Hulk: Survival of the Fittest

Role: Wife

Octopath Traveler Machinabridged

Role: Odette

IMDb listing for this series

Yaddle's Tale: The One Below (A Star Wars tale)

Role: Yaddle

Mad Father (or Mad Father With Voices)

Role: Monika

IMDb listing for this series

COVID-19 PSA by the Jedi Council

Roles: Yaddle, Adi Gallia, Jocasta Nu

Star Wars Annual #1 comic dub

Role: Senator Nadea Tural

The Amazing Spiderman

Role: Aunt May

Merchant of Death podcast

Role: Abigail Raggio

IMDb listing for this series

X-Men Regenesis Motion Comic 9 (season 1 finale)

Role: Governor

Signa-33Z audio drama -- Reimagined as "Entropy"

Role: Alysia (Lisa) Atkins

The Lost Eggs of Livorno (A Star Wars tale)

Role: Queen Prizzi

Avoiding Commercials When You Don't Have a VCR (original skit)

Role: Dolores Rogers

What Lurks Within

Role: Katherine Bellevue

The Artifex Event

Episode One Role: Vraz

Episode Three Role: Speaker Nyx

Episode Four Role: Block Overseer

Episode Five Roles: Block Overseer and Moira

Bioshock: After Midnight audio drama

Role: woman (extra)

Thor: Hero of Asgaard

Roles: Frigga, Asgaardian Guardswoman

Captain America: 1944

Captain America: 1954

Role: Peggy Carter

Star Wars: Outlander (comic dub)

Role: Gardulla the Hutt

Dark Lord Dumbledore

Role: Narrator

IMDb listing for this project

Spark of Hope (A Jedi Academy Machinima)

Role: Seventh Sister


Full Metal Alchemist (manga dub)

Roles: Izumi Curtis and extras

gaiden (side story) - Role: extra - IMDb listing for this project

Chapter 4 - Role: Woman (extra) - IMDb listing for this project

He-Man/Thundercats (comic dub)

Role: Teela

IMDb listing for this project

The Woman in the Blue Dress

Role: Marianne Thomas

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (comic dub)

Role: Rose the Bartender

trailer, final trailer

Captain America: Menace

Role: Betty Tolin

Darth Maul, Son of Dathomir #1 (comic dub)

Role: Mandalorian (extra)

Fallout: New Vegas - A Thornton Backstory gaming mod

Role: Jean (Ralph's ex-wife)

Marvel's The Amazing Spiderman #13 (audio comic)

Roles: Aunt May & extras

Albion: The Old Kingdom Trailer

Episode 1 Role: Brida

Episode 2 Role: Lady Alaya Grey, the Queen Regent

Episode 3 Role: Scarlet Robe

Episode 4 Role: Lady Grey

Justice League of America (New 52) - Danger (comic dub)

Role: Stargirl fans #2 and #3

Star Wars: Kindred Spirits (comic dub)

Role: Female Pilot

preliminary trailer

Joey Drew Studios  Full Playlist on YouTube

Role: Lacy Benton

Episode One: The Beginning

Episode Two: Interviews

Just ShadAmy (Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic) Issue #5

Role: Aki

Jedi Council: Acts of War (4-episode comic dub)

Roles: Master Yaddle, Master Adi Gallia

"Shattered Dreams" Final Fantasy XV Audio Drama

Book 1 - "Fractured"  Roles: Radio Announcer; Councilor #3 (extras); Camelia Claustra, First Secretary

Book 2 - "Remnant" (asst. extras)

Book 3 - "Restored" (asst. extras)

Star Wars: Age of the Republic/Rebellion/Resistance (comic dub series)

Darth Maul - Role: Female Zabrak

Anakin Skywalker - Role: Shmi Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Role: Mistress Clatriffe

Jango Fett - Role: Bounty Princess

Republic Special - Role: Oosalon Freedom Fighter

Mace Windu -- Role: Freedom Fighter

Padme Amidala - Role: Dormé

Biggs & Porkins - Role: Imperial Officer

Rebellion Special - Role: Imperial Officer

Han Solo - Role: Twi'lek Smuggler (extra)

Lando Calrissian - Role: Imperium Welcoming Crew

Luke Skywalker - Role(s): Female Rebels (extras)

BB-8 - Role: First Order Commander

Amilyn Holdo - Role: Amilyn Holdo

Resistance Special - Roles: Admiral Holdo, 1st Order Commander

Poe Dameron - Role: Admiral Holdo

Kylo Ren - Role: Avar Kriss (Holocron Woman)

Rose Tiko - Role: Mrs. Tiko

Rey - Role: Ara Nea

Star Wars: Thrawn (comic dub)

Roles: Capt. Filia Rossi, Arihnda Pryce, Elainye Pryce, Imperial Officer

Undertale Dubbed - True Pacifist Ending

Role: Toriel

Star Wars Jedi Academy: Operation Knightfall

Role: Jocosta Nu

Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith - Issue 25 "Vader's Vision" (comic dub)

Role: Shmi Skywalker

Marvel Avengers: WidowMaker Motion Comic

Role: Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse


Pastaween 2018 - Short stories from Creepy Pasta

Chatroom D Role: DtDtDjUD3

Jeff the Killer Role: Jeff's Mom

Magic Story / Return to Ravnica audio dramas

Fblthp Role: Arrester Parrisha

Testing the Dark Waters Role: Leighbet/Narrator

Death's Precious Moment Role: Kata

The Illusions of Child's Play Role: Lucinka

Children of the Nameless Role: Merlinde

War of the Spark Ch 3 - Rallying the Reluctant Role: Mistress Maladola

War of the Spark Ch 12 - The Gathering Storm Role: Lieutenant

Nymphs of Theros Role: Dryad

Star Wars: Princess Leia, Issue #5 (comic dub)

Role: Tula

Green Lantern - Revelations (New 52) Motion Comic

Role: Twin Female Guardians of the Galaxy

Project Alpha (A Halo Reach Machinima), Season Two

Role: Dr. Olivia Andrews (Episodes 6, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 18)

Star Wars: Kanan (comic dub)

Role: Vice Admiral Rae Sloane

Batman, the Audio Drama (Guardians of Gotham)

Role: NYPD Detective Renee Montoya (Beginning with Season 1, Episode 2)

Disney Kingdom's "Figment II: The Legacy of Imagination"

Roles: Script Editor, Additional Voices

Disney Kingdom's "Figment: Journey into Imagination"

Role(s): Mrs. Mercurial, ch. 1; and Chimera, chs. 2-5

Spiderman Clone Sage #1 / Motion Comic Dub

Roles: Aunt May, Doctor (extra), and Cook (extra)

Avatar: The Last AIrbender - The Promise

Role: Mrs. Morishita

"Star Wars: Legends" podcast series

Episode 7: Mandalorian Dock Captain

Episode 9: Guard #3

Episode 10: Attendant Yarri & Unit 5 Trooper

Episode 11: Master Stucea & Mandalorian Sargeant

Fall of Lotus, a Star Wars Machinima

Role: Seventh Sister

IMDb listing for this project.

"A Song of Ice & Fire" Audio Readings

Role: Narrator (Whole Book/Series)

Marvel Comics Star Wars (2015) comic dubs

Episodes 1-6 Skywalker Strikes Roles: Mon Mothma, Computer Voice  IMDb Listing for Issue #3

Episodes 8-12 Showdown on Smuggler's Moon Roles: Mon Mothma, Imperial Captain, Stormtrooper, Arena AI

Episode 18 Role: Screaming Prisoner (extra)

Episode 21 Role: Misty

Episode 22 Role: Red Nine

Episode 23 Role(s): Mon Mothma, Misty

Episode 24 Role: Misty

Episode 25 Role: Misty

Justice League New52 motion comic (Vol. 2 finale)

Roles: Martha Wayne and Martha Kent

The Strip! with Walter & Bunny

Role: Bunny, 20 episodes (S1E8 thru S3E2B)

The Case of the Gypsy's Curse Role: Marjorie, the Evil Gypsy (S2E1)

IMDb listing for this series

"Tales of Arillion" Audio Dramas

Role: Narrator

Ellie, the Mule Bred

Lydus' Moral Dilemma GoodReads review of "Lydus' Moral Dilemma"

The Last Brachyurus trailer

The Shadow Radio Recreations

The Mine Hunters Role: Stewardess (extra)

Death Rides the Skyway Role: Glenda Tammer

The Face of Death Role(s): Helen Steel/Medusa

Career in Crime Role: Store Clerk (extra)

The Long Arm of Death Role: Grace Randolph

Death by Chapter Role: Mrs. Meggs

The Vision of Death Role: Victoria Randolph

Struggle With Death Role: Hazel Foster

The Shadow's Revenge Role: Annie de la Tour

The Hands of Death Role: Netta Shaw

Air Freight Fracas Role: Airport Announcer (extra)

Murder in the Sun Role: Miss Sonya Orloff

The Heartbeat of Death Role: Miss Hepzibah Sefton

The Master of Torture Role: Hotel Clerk (extra)

The Bells of Saint Peter's Role: Teresa (The Housekeeper)

The Curse of Baldring Heights Role: Mrs. Elly Baldring