Sharon P. Grünwald

Voice Actress

Links are provided for completed projects.  All others are actively in production.

Roles: Peggy Carter and Scientist #1

Roles: Chancellor Mothma, Captain Phasma

Role: Ssaria

Roles: Charlie's Mom, Demon Black

Role: Avar Kriss (Holocron)

Role: Simone

Story Circle Theater - Narrator

Role: Padawan Kass

Role: Grist

Role: Sly Moore

Roles: Winter Scorpion, Crusader Rheka Divaker, Arissa, Candy Caufield, Generic Female Crusader 1, Generic Female Local 1

Role: Sly Moore

Role: The Ringmaster

Star Wars Republic (1998) - Emissaries to Malistare (comic dub)
Roles: Adi Gallia, Yaddle

Role: Female Daleks

Role: Toddler Leia

Roles: Mercy Graves, Summer Gleeson

Roles: Handmaiden1, Female Recruit, and Mrs. Secretary

Roles: Nya's mother, Asajj Ventress

Role: The Doctor

Role: Dowager Empress Marie (alto)

Role: Tilotny

Role: Wife

Role: Odette

Role: Yaddle

Role: Monika

Role: Senator Nadea Tural

Role: Aunt May

Role: Abigail Raggio

Role: Latverian Governor

Role: Alysia (Lisa) Atkins

Role: Queen Prizzi

Role: Katherine Bellevue

The Artifex Event
Episode One  Role: Vraz
Episode Three  Role: Speaker Nyx
Episode Four  Role: Block Overseer
Episode Five  Roles: Cellblock Overseer & Moira

Role: woman (extra)

Roles: Frigga, Asgaardian Guardswoman

Role: Peggy Carter

The Scrolls of Nulyn audio drama
Role: Queen Teina

Role: Gardulla the Hutt

Role: Narrator

Spark of Hope (A Jedi Academy Machinima)
Role: Seventh Sister

Full Metal Alchemist (manga dub)
Roles:  Izumi Curtis and extras
Chapter 4 -- Role: Woman (extra) -- IMDb listing for this project

Role: Teela

Role: Galadriel, Lady of Lothlorien

Role: Marianne Thomas

Role: Rose the Bartender

Role: Betty Tolin

Fallout: New Vegas - A Thornton Backstory
Role: Jean (Ralph's ex-wife)

Roles: Aunt May & extras

Episode 1  Role: Brida
Episode 2  Role: Lady Alaya Grey, the Queen Regent
Episode 3  Role: Scarlet Robe
Episode 4  Role: Lady Grey

Star Wars: Kindred Spirits (comic dub)
Role: Female Pilot

Joey Drew Studios Full Playlist on YouTube
Role: Lacy Benton

Role: Aki

Roles: Master Yaddle, Master Adi Gallia  

Book 1 - "Fractured"  
Roles: Radio Announcer; Councilor #3 (extra); Camelia Claustra the First Secretary
Book 2 - "Remnants"  Roles: Assorted Extras
Book 3 - "Restored"  Roles: Assorted extras

Star Wars: Age of the Republic/Rebellion/Resistance (comic dub series)
Darth Maul - Role: Female Zabrak
Anakin Skywalker - Role: Shmi Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi -  Role: Mistress Clatriffe 
Jango Fett - Role: Bounty Princess
Republic Special - Role: Oosalon Freedom Fighter
Mace Windu -- Role: Freedom Fighter
Padme Amidala - Role: Dormé
Biggs & Porkins - Role: Imperial Officer
Rebellion Special - Role: Imperial Officer
Han Solo - Role: Twi'lek Female (extra)
Lando Calrissian - Role: Imperium Welcoming Crew
Luke Skywalker - Role(s): Female Rebels (extras)
Resistance Special - Roles: Admiral Holda, 1st Order Commander
Poe Dameron - Role: Admiral Holda
Kylo Ren - Role: Avar Kriss (Holocron Woman)
Rose Tiko - Role: Mrs. Tiko
Rey - Role: Ara Nea

Roles: Capt. Filia Rossi, Arihnda Pryce, Mrs. Pryce,  Imperial Officer

Role: Jocosta Nu

Role: Rozzetta (Roz)

Role: Shmi Skywalker

Role: Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse

Pastaween 2018 - Short stories from Creepy Pasta
Chatroom D Role: DtDtDjUD3
Jeff the Killer Role: Jeff's Mom

Magic Story / Return to Ravnica  audio dramas
Fblthp Role: Arrester Parrisha
Testing the Dark Waters  Role: Leighbet/Narrator
Children of the Nameless  Role: Merlinde
Nymphs of Teros  Role: Dryad (extra)

Role: Tula

Role: Twin Female Guardians of the Galaxy

Role: Dr. Olivia Andrews (Episodes 6, 12, 14, 16, 17 and 18)

Role: Vice Admiral Rae Sloane

Role: NYPD Detective Renee Montoya (Beginning with Season 1, Episode 2)

Roles: Script Editor, Additional Voices

Role(s): Mrs. Mercurial, ch. 1, and Chimera, chs. 2-5 

Roles: Aunt May, Doctor (extra), and Cook (extra)

Role: Mrs. Morishita

Episode 7:  Mandalorian Dock Captain 
Episode 9:  Guard #3 
Episode 10:  Attendant Yarri & Unit 5 Trooper 
Episode 11: Master Stucea & Madalorian Sargeant 

Role: Seventh Sister

"A Song of Ice & Fire" Audio Readings
Role: Narrator (Whole Book)

Roles: Mon Mothma, Imperial Captain, Stormtrooper, Arena AI

Roles: Mon Mothma, Computer Voice

Episode 18  Role: Screaming Prisoner (extra)
Episode 21  Role: Misty
Episode 22  Role: Red Nine
Episode 23  Role(s): Mon Mothma, Misty
Episode 24  Role: Misty
Episode 25  Role: Misty

Roles: Martha Wayne and Martha Kent

Role: Bunny, 21 episodes (S1, Ep8 thru S3, Ep2B) 
The Case of the Gypsy's Curse  Role: Marjorie, the Evil Gypsy (S2E1)

"Tales of Arillion" Audio Dramas
Role: Narrator

The Shadow Radio Recreations
The Mine Hunters  Role: Stewardess (extra)
Death Rides the Skyway  Role: Glenda Tammer
The Face of Death  Role(s): Helen Steel/Medusa
Career in Crime  Role: Store Clerk (extra)
The Long Arm of Death  Role: Grace Randolph
Death by Chapter Role: Mrs. Meggs
The Vision of Death Role: Victoria Randolph
Struggle With Death Role: Hazel Foster
The Man Who Murdered Time Role: Party Guest (extra)
The Shadow's Revenge Role: Annie de la Tour
The Hands of Death Role: Netta Shaw
Air Freight Fracas Role: Airport Announcer (extra)
Murder in the Sun Role: Miss Sonya Orloff
The Heartbeat of Death Role: Miss Hepzibah Sefton
The Master of Torture Role: Hotel Clerk (extra)
The Bells of Saint Peter's Role: Teresa (The Housekeeper)
The Curse of Baldring Heights Role: Mrs. Elly Baldring